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The Association of Port Health Authorities is the only UK-wide organisation that represents the interests of Local Authorities and Port Health Authorities with health control responsibilities at sea and airports. The primary purpose of port health authorities is to prevent the introduction of hazardous epidemic, contagious, and infectious diseases into the country and to ensure the safety of imported food.

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Membership is open to any UK Local Authorities or Port Health Authorities, which have responsibilities for public and/or animal health in connection with aeronautical, maritime and coastal activities, and international and intra-community trade and travel. Associate membership is available to any organisation with an interest or involvement with Port Health. To become a member of APHA please email us by clicking the button below:

Target Operating Model

The final Border Target Operating Model sets out a new approach to security controls (applying to all imports), and sanitary and phytosanitary controls (applying to imports of live animals, animal products, plants and plants products) at the border. It sets out how controls will be simplified and digitised, and our ambition for the UK’s new Single Trade Window.

It incorporates and responds to feedback from stakeholders on the earlier draft Border Target Operating Model wherever possible. It has been developed with further collaboration across the UK, Scottish and Welsh Governments, and engagement with officials from the devolved administration in Northern Ireland.

If you import food products, live animals, animal products, plants or plant products into Great Britain, you can check the Border Target Operating Model risk-level of your commodity now, to be ready for upcoming changes to border processes.

Ship Sanitation Inspection Charges 2023/24*

(with effect from 1 April 2023)

* Extra charges, based on actual costs, may be added for expenses incurred. These include launch hire; out-of-hours duty; travel and extended or re-inspections of ships due to ‘Control Measures’ etc.

Gross Tonnage of Vessel

Old Rate (2022/23)

New Rate (2023/24)*

Up to 1000 £110 £125
1001 – 3000 £150 £170
3001 – 10000 £220 £250
10001 – 20000 £285 £325
20001 – 30000 £365 £415
Over 30000 £425 £480
Vessels with 50-1000 Persons £425 £480
Vessles with over 1000 Persons £725 £820
Extensions £80 £95


APHA Handbook 2022/23

Extensively revised and updated it provides essential information on Port Health matters and is aimed at anyone who is working in the port environment from Port Health Officers to Importers.

Corporate & Associate members will be sent free copies as part of their membership offer.

PLaN Members – £3.00 + £2.00 p&p per individual copy. Postage rates for more than 1 copy on application.

Non-members – £5.00 + £2.00 p&p per individual copy. Postage rates for more than 1 copy on application.


Owing to the delay on the implementation of controls on EU imports, DEFRA have confirmed that Certificates of Inspection (Cols) will not be required for organic imports from the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, into Great Britain until 1st July 2022. They have also confirmed that PDF GB Certificates of Inspection can be accepted, paper versions are no longer required.

The manual paper GB system that was introduced on 1st January 2021 has been updated and can be downloaded by clicking the following button. It includes:

  1. Extract of GB Certificate of Inspection notes
  2. Extract of the GB certificate of Inspection
  3. GB Certificate of Inspection explanatory notes
  4. GB Organics FAQs
  5. Great Britain’s Certificate of Inspection
  6. Step by step guidance for GB imports from third countries

Please note that Cols will be required for non EU third country organic imports.

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The Association of Port Health Authorities (APHA) is the only UK wide organisation representing the interests of Port Health Authorities and Local Authorities with responsibilities for public, animal and environmental health controls at sea and airports.


Port Health Authorities operate at Airports, providing a range of services to the aerospace industry.


Port Health Authorities operate around the coastline, providing a range of services to the shipping industry.