I feature in over 4,000 newspapers and 400 broadcast interviews every year as one of the UK’s leading consumer rights experts.

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I feature in over 4,000 newspapers and 400 broadcast interviews every year as one of the UK’s leading consumer rights experts.

I can help your businesses or organisation understand what’s driving consumer trends, dissatisfaction and anticipate what the future holds for your sector.

From training sessions to keynote speeches, I can help you and your brand stand out from your competitors

Understanding the media

Consumer rights are increasingly important to journalists and media outlets, as we face volatile and uncertain times. Yet knowing and understanding what issues are driving the headlines can be challenging.


I can help businesses anticipate the leading consumer issues that are of interest to journalists covering their sector or brand, tackle the tricky questions and use your business’ data, experience and excellence to generate positive news coverage.

Rules, regulations and the law

Negative media coverage often arises as a result of simple misunderstandings of how the law, regulations or established rules work in practice. Even a critical news story can be turned around by a business that understands when it might have got things wrong – or addressed issues that are perceived by the public as unfair.

I work with businesses to help them myth-bust the common misunderstandings in their sectors, anticipate how regulators, ombudsmen and dispute resolution schemes – and ultimately the Courts – might view their decisions or practices and identify simple, cost-effective ways to win back customer loyalty.

Keynote speeches

With over twenty years of experience in finance and consumer rights in all sectors, I regularly give speeches and talks for conferences, internal comms events, Government linked campaigns and cross-sector working groups.

From in-depth analysis of sectors to lighter speeches on the challenges of working the public eye or my role as a consumer expert, I write tailored content specifically for the business or event. From keynote speaker to compère, I can help your event resonate with the audience.

Future scanning

As one of the UK’s most widely respected consumer rights experts, I’m often asked to anticipate what the future will hold, particularly in light of the turmoil of the last few years.

What does the future hold for your business and are you prepared for it? I work with businesses to anticipate and tackle a wide range of scenarios that might fundamentally challenge your business or sector in the coming months and years. I can also help you and your media team become much more reactive in the face of the unique challenges ahead.

Planning for the future

Society has changed dramatically in the last few years, with fundamental shifts in the way we communicate, shop, interact and even date. Businesses and organisations are often slow to catch up with such dramatic and sweeping changes.

I can help you identify the things that will affect your customers in the coming years, what you can do to retain their loyalty and pre-empt evolutions in trends that might render your business obsolete. From emergency planning to future scanning, I can help your business prepare for what the coming months and years hold.

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