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Making the right impression on television, radio, social media and in the press can dramatically improve the public’s perception of your business or organisation – but it can go wrong too.

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Whether you’re an executive, spokesperson or working in a communications or PR role, interacting with the media can be intimidating. I provide individually tailored training packages for everyone, from those with limited experience to people are used to dealing with the media. Because I’m both a well-established media relations specialist and a journalist/columnist, I provide a fully rounded training experience.

This isn’t an ‘off the shelf’ training package. Unlike other media trainers, I spend time researching your organisation and finding out what you want from the media, then create bespoke packages designed to help you with everything from interview technique to pitching ideas to leading journalists.

Making the right impression on television, radio, social media and in the press can dramatically improve the public’s perception of your business or organisation – but it can go wrong too.

With over two decades of experience as one of the UK’s leading consumer rights experts and broadcasters – and over 8,000 TV and radio appearances, I’m uniquely placed to help you and your team train for any and all interactions with the media.

Broadcast interview training

From radio to television and from pre-recorded to live interviews, broadcasting can pose considerable problems for interviewees. With two decades of experience in giving interviews (and interviewing people on camera), I can help you navigate the challenges that may arise with on-air broadcasts.

I create training plans to help executives and spokespeople prepare for every eventuality. From interview planning to how to come across confidently yet accessibly, these tailored courses are designed to meet your needs while building on your strengths. Broadcast media training is designed to identify and address your concerns about speaking on behalf of your business and uses recorded exercises to help you make the best impression possible on camera, on the radio or on podcasts and new media.

Communications training

Finding the right tone when communicating with different groups of people – employees, customers, commentators and competitors – is vital. From direct interaction, online communications, using videos and new media or written content, getting it right is not always straightforward.

I’ll help you identify how best to convey the messages that you want to deliver while troubleshooting the language that people respond to (and what switches them off).

PR broadcast training

PR and media relations teams face their own challenges when dealing with the media. Communications specialists may book journalist meetings and broadcast interviews for executives and spokespeople, but also need to pre-empt problems and have the knowledge to fully prepare the CEO or spokesperson.

I work with PR teams to help them understand the questions they need to ask when booking interviews and what they need to do to effectively prepare the interviewee. PR training is designed to help manage journalist and executive expectations. Understanding how to prepare a brief that gives even the most time-constrained executive the information they need – and anticipate what to expect at the studio – is an essential part of this training.

Presentation and speech training

Natural public speaking doesn’t come easily to most people – and being able to read an audience and adapt your tone can be daunting. My public speaking training courses help people prepare and edit an effective speech, troubleshoot and deliver engaging talks and presentations by playing to your strengths – without trying to make you into someone you’re not.


Presentation and speech training incorporates planning and content writing, along with face-to-face practice sessions and tips to help you command the room while avoiding common problems and pitfalls.

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